Wenger, the Arsenal Boss Tells About His Failure of Signing Leo Messy from Barcelona


The manager of the Arsenal off lately revealed that their team had reached quite close to sign the Argentine superstar, Leo Messi in 2003 from Barcelona. Messi has always been a big name and his playing style has been liked by all. Wenger, very clearly said that Messi, the Argentine superstar, was just 15 years old and was in the Spanish clubs youth team, when he tried to actually lure him for joining the North London Club.

In order to get him, Wenger had also spoken with his family and the things had almost got finalized. However, the things could not happen just because the club had by then gotten a work permit for Messi, the Argentine Superstar.

This Friday, Wenger clearly said that all he said is absolutely true and the main reason for the whole thing not working out is that, probably Messi did not want to move. He was quite comfortable where he was. Finally, Messi settled down with Barcelona team, where his comfort zone was. Anyways it would not have been easy to move Messi from his real comfort zone.

Inspite of his failure to get Leo Messi to join North London Club, Wenger told that he had been successful in making the Barcelona’s midfielder, Cesc Fabregas join the North London Club.

This Saturday, Arsenal will be playing against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium.

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